Wireless Printing

Wireless printing is now available at all libraries for laptops and some tablets.

Windows 7 users! Before you begin, you may need to change User Account Controls. Click on the start menu, then click on Control Panel, click on Action Center, click on Security, look under User Account Control and make sure it says “Never Notify.”

Click on the link below to print from your wireless device.  Choose the library branch you are currently using.

Hart Memorial Library

Buenaventura Lakes Library 

Poinciana Library 

 St. Cloud Library 

West Osceola Library

Instructions for wireless printing:

  • Make sure you are connected to the wireless network at your library.
  • Visit the correct link above for your library and download the print client to your laptop from our library WiFi. (Click “Run,” override any security prompts)
  • After you run the program, you will see a box pop-up which says “EnvisionWare LPT:One.” This means that you are now connected to the program which will allow you to print wirelessly.
  • When you are ready to print, simply click your print button, then select the either Black & White or Color, and hit the “Print” button.
  • You will be asked to provide a login name. Any name will do. You will then be told how much your job will cost – click OK.  You will be told to pick your prints up at the kiosk – click OK.  Now your job will be sent to the Print Release Station. You can log in there with the same login name you used to create your print job. Then simply pay and print!
  • You can stop the EnvisionWare LPT:One print client at any time. Or you can leave it running and send multiple jobs to the printer during your stay at the library. Be assured that the software does not remain on your computer – when you are done printing, the software is removed.