Are you a writer?

writingIt’s not a surprise that we love writers.  The Library wouldn’t be around without creative people just like you!

That’s why we want to do everything we can to encourage you on your literary path.  Who knows, maybe we’ll have a book on our shelves with your name on it one day.

So go on, young Padawan, explore the resources.  Much knowledge we have for you.

Improve Your Writing

We aren’t saying that you’re writing is bad, but no one is perfect.  So, brush up your writing skills with some of these.

Cliche Finder – Do you find yourself using cliches a little too liberally?  Or maybe you didn’t know that a cliche has been used a little too often and it needs some freshening up.  Either way, this website will seek out the cliches and let you know about it.

Daily Grammar – Let’s face it, most of us probably need to brush up on our grammar a little.  But, when you’re a writer, it’s even more important that you know ‘there’ from ‘their’.  This website can help with daily tutorials on grammar that’ll have your skills brushed up in no time!

Imagination Prompt – Daily writing can help improve your writing as well as help avoid writer’s block.  Unfortunately, sometimes you just can’t think of anything to write about.  When that happens, use this site to get the creative juices flowing with a writing prompt.

Stay Focused – If you’re a Google Chrome user, there’s an app that will help you focus on your writing instead of playing online games or surfing Tumblr.  You can customize it to block whatever sites you find most distracting for however long you’d like.  So, if you want to focus on your writing for a couple of hours but think you’ll get sucked in to 2048 instead, just turn on StayFocusd and have at it.

Wordcounter – Don’t be fooled by the name, this isn’t just an app to count how many words you’ve written.  This website actually searches through your work to determine which words you use the most often.  It’s pretty handy if you think you might over use some words.

Share Your Writing

Once you’ve finished your work, you might want to share it with the world.  We have some websites to help with that too.

Blog It –

Fanfiction – If you’re a fanfiction writer, you’ve probably heard of FanFiction.net before.  If not, this website has been around for years and is a great place for new authors to post their work.

FictionPress – Do you have an original piece of writing that you want to share?  Maybe you’re thinking of writing a new chapter every month?  Try out FictionPress.  You can upload your story bit by bit or all at once, it’s all up to you.