We all like to spend money, but we’d like to help you save it.

it's all about the moneyWe know ‘budget’ probably isn’t your favorite word, but learning to budget and save your money now can really help you out later in life.

Who knows?  Maybe by saving money when you’re young, you’ll be able to invest later and become the next Donald Trump.

Budget Worksheet – Don’t know where to start with a budget?  This worksheet from Pearson Education might help.

Money 101 from CNN – CNN has gathered a ton of great information all in one place.  If you want to start saving for the future and building financial success, this is definitely the place to start.

Moneytopia – Learn how to manage your expenses, pay your bills on time, and take care of day-t0-day things while still reaching your ultimate financial goal with this game!

Roth IRA – Easy trick for retiring?  Try a Roth IRA.  Unlike normal IRAs, which will help you save for retirment and give you some tax advantages, Roth IRAs tax money that’s going in, but not money coming out.  Plus, with compound interest, an investment you make today could really make a difference down the road!

TheMint.org – This website has a great information including starting salaries for popular careers, tips on spending and saving money, and a lot more.

Teens and Money – This website will actually take you through five chapters of information on finances, all of it aimed at teens!  It might seem like a lot of work going through five chapters worth of information now, but your wallet will thank you later.