Drive the Things

Are you ready to drive?

driving 2As a teen, driving can be one of the most exciting and dangerous things you’ll do before you graduate.

Because we know driving will be a big part of your life soon, or is now, we’ve gathered together a few resources to help you get ready for your permit, driving test, and being a safer driver on the road.

Learner’s Permit

DMV – The first place you want to look at when you start thinking about your permit is Florida’s DMV website.

DATA – First time drivers in Florida must complete a drugs, alcohol, traffic, awareness (D.A.T.A.) course.  This course can be completed at or for $29.95. 

Schedule Your DMV Appointment

Take the Test Online

Driver’s License

Associated Fees – Want to know how much it’ll cost to get your license?  Check out DMV fees here.

Drive Safe

Don’t Text and Drive – We know talking and texting with your friends is important to you, but be safe and let it wait.

Texting and Driving Simulator – If you think texting and driving doesn’t effect your ability to stay safe on the road, check out this driving simulator!