Are you an artist?

bleach doodlingMaybe you’re an epic doodler or you aspire to be the next Da Vinci.

Whatever your artistic calling is, you’re definitely not alone.  We have lots of great teen artists in Osceola County and we’d like to give you a place to showcase your art to one another.

So, whenever you make something you’re proud of and want to show it off, submit it to us here and we’ll make sure it ends up in our Artists Gallery.

Or, if you need some more inspiration, check out these resources:

Library Resources

Drawing Techniques – Of course, we had to show you guys some drawing books!  We have everything from classical drawing styles to how-to books on creating your own manga characters.

Painting Techniques – Then again, maybe you’re more of a painter than a drawer.  Anyone who wants to learn a little more about painting techniques can start with some of these books.

Scrapbooking, Papercrafts, & Origami – We couldn’t resist including this one.  Who doesn’t like origami?

Online Resources

Tutorials Collected by Smashing Magazine – Smashing Magazine, a magazine dedicated to offering resources and advice to web designers and web developers, gathered together 50 drawing tutorials from around the web that might be helpful to beginning and intermediate artists.

Easy Drawing Tutorials – EasyDrawingTutorials.com can teach you how to draw popular animated characters in easy steps if you’re just starting out.

DragoArt.com – We can’t get over the shear number of tutorials on DragoArt.com.  So far, our favorite is chibi Elsa.