Money Habitudes

Tuesday, February 9 @ 4pm

Poinciana Library

What is a Money Habitude? It’s your spending personality type. Take our quiz  and find out yours. Then, learn to budget and plan for your future based on your personality profile.

After School Gaming Grounds

Wednesday, February 10 @ 2pm

St. Cloud Library

Unwind with friends after school with some friendly competition using the Xbox, Wii, and laptops provided by the library.

Super Saturday Cinema: Jem and the Holograms

Saturday, February 6 @ 3pm

Poinciana Library 

Skip the holds queue and watch the newest DVDs on the big screen! A small town teen and her band is catapulted to stardom when she becomes a viral video sensation, but will fame tear the friends apart? Rated PG. Runtime: 118 minutes. Closed […]

Beginning Indian Dance

Saturday, February 6 @ 10am

Hart Memorial

Experience India through dance with instructors Rani and Shivanie from Raja Rani Dance School. Indian dance is a fun, high-energy art form. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Science Experiments You Can EAT! Edible Waterballs

Wednesday, February 3 @ 2:30pm

St. Cloud Library

Have your science and eat it too! Join us for some science projects that either involves cooking or food
chemistry or else use edible ingredients. Are you ready to play with your food? (Registration required)